A New Chapter……

As I write this,I shall be leaving for hostel in two days to start a new journey,to begin a new phase of my life.Yes,this is the MBA journey and the life that awaits me subsequently:-)I wouldn’t want to pen down here all the instances,inspirations,circumstances that shaped my mind,but yes it was pretty at an early stage that I had decided to do MBA.So naturally it was at my first attempt that I scored a decent percentile which landed me in a good B-school.

Like any other management aspirant,I too have my own bucket list as to what I expect from a B-school and by the end of these two years,I hope to tick off the entire bucket list.At this moment the excitement of starting a new life,meeting new people is unparalleled.Thanks to social media,we have already known our batch mates since the last two months and have been interacting with each other.That makes it all the more exhilarating to meet each other in person and learn together:-)

However,on the flip side there is a sense of fear.Fear of the unknown.Fear of what lies ahead.A glimpse of the upcoming life has been shown to us.Yes!we have been mailed the assignments already with a deadline even before entering the gates of the college.What more,we also have been told that sleep would be a luxury.It wouldn’t be wrong to say that two years of slogging awaits us.The mere thought of giving up on so many luxuries scares the hell out of me.What challenges lie ahead and how I am gonna overcome them is something only time will tell.The feeling of leaving home after 21 years makes me teary-eyed and yet I have to take up the challenge.It was a decision consciously made by me and I am up for it.

With this I am all set to begin a new chapter in my life which brings to my mind a quote of David Livingston-“I will go anywhere as long as it is forward.”!

More updates on the MBA life coming soon:-;Meanwhile Happy Raja Sankranti friends.(A major festival in Odisha)